Some recent change completely broke the DC import

Lutz Vieweg lvml at
Thu Dec 26 07:08:45 UTC 2013


I was just in the process of recording the "DC import process"
for the v4 video tutorial when I noticed that precisely that
import does not work anymore (at least with the Suunto D9,
but I suspect a generic issue).

The bug must have been introduced somewhen between

commit a351bbde24d4a51a544f4d2056595475ff72e06
commit d42cc5a40c419fc3350a19eaf9e1154bc0433ca3

because with the former version imports work just fine.

The symptom is: The whole import process looks normal while
it runs - the progress bar progresses, if one enables libdc
logging those logs look completely normal, but once the progress
has reached 100% and the import seems finished, there ist just
not any single dive log entry added to the list!
(I tested this starting with an empty dive log.)

No error message or alike is emitted, there are just no dives imported.


Lutz Vieweg

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