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Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Thu Dec 26 16:40:53 UTC 2013

On Dec 26, 2013, at 4:39 PM, Lutz Vieweg <lvml at 5t9.de> wrote:

> On 12/27/2013 01:26 AM, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>> Would you mind filing bugs on these things?
> Done.


> Now it's good night for me, will have to get back to
> the grindstone in the morning.
> Making progress on the v4 video is somewhat slower than
> I expected - very little can be re-used, and when I encounter
> unexpected behaviour, I have to rethink/redo the takes.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your work on that. 
This is one of the things that I love about this community.
How different people contribute different things and it all
leads to a better overall project.

> I still hope I can finish this before 2014...

Awesome. I can’t wait to see it.

All the best


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