Subsurface v4 tutorial video finished

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at
Tue Dec 31 21:06:59 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 5:18 AM, Lutz Vieweg <lvml at> wrote:

> Happy New Year,
> I just returned from the New Year's Eve party and found that the
> rendering of my Subsurface v4 tutorial video finished successfully.
> Right now I am uploading the files to, where I expect
> them to become available in about one hour under the URLs:
>> subsurface_v4_tut_1080p_2500kbps.mp4
>> subsurface_v4_tut_720p_1500kbps.mp4
>> subsurface_v4_tut_720p_1500kbps.webm
>> subsurface_v4_tut_720p_1500kbps.ogv
> ... but since it's past 04:00h in the morning I will probably not stay
> awake to see the end of the upload ;-)

Excellent work! I even learned new stuff from it (how to enable fields in
the dive list).

I would have rather added the local user to the dialout group than changed
the device owner. Added group will be permanent unlike changes to the
device permissions.

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