Towards 3.0

Holger Dinkel Holger.dinkel at
Tue Feb 5 23:25:14 PST 2013

 On [06. Feb. 2013], Lutz Vieweg <lvml at> wrote:

> I think an article in a non-diving specific magazine like
> is worth the effort only if the same article can
> subsequently also be published in at least one popular diving specific
> publication. The license of may allow that, but we
> should check if we can find any relevant diving-specific magazin that
> would also be fine with such a non-exclusive use.
> Should we contact the editors of magazines like "Tauchen",
> "Dive Inside", "Unterwasser" or alike and ask?


I agree, that if such an effort is done the article should be published and
reused as much as possible and the freiesMagazin license explicitly allows for
that. One could even think of translating it...

But even without republishing it, the article could be useful as part of the
online documentation, giving a nice-to-read brief overview of what subsurface
does and looks like.

Regarding other dive-magazines: It's definitely worth trying to ask. Although
many magazines are not as proactive with their license as they could. =D


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