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On Wed, 6 Feb 2013, Dirk Hohndel wrote:

> Holger Dinkel <holger.dinkel at> writes:
>> Great.
>> Editorial guidelines can be found at
>> The most important points are:
>> - Format should be either ODF or plain text.
>> - The length of the article can be up to 10 pages, anything longer than that
>>   should be split (usually this is done for programming tutorial articles)
>> What would be the best way to collaboratively draft this thing?
>> - Use the subsurface repository?
>> - Use the subsurface mailinglist?
>> - Use something different altogether?
>> - Some Wiki/Piratepad?
>> - Individual Emails between the "designated authors"?
>> My personal favorite would be a piratepad...
> I have never used a piratepad, is that one of the shared online editors
> like etherpad? Yes, that would be ideal. But let's first collect some
> names to make sure we have enough people willing to participate.
> It's a little late in the evening in Germany (if time zone math is
> right), so let's give it till tomorrow evening German time to see if we
> have enough participation.
> I'm certainly going to try to help. My guess is that Lutz, Jan and
> Robert might be in as well, but we should make sure :-)

I am certainly willing to do my share of work. But let me say that my 
experience is that texts do not get better if several people write them. I 
would opt for one main author and of course everybody can suggest 
improvements. Otherwise a lot of ironing out style differences will be 

Regarding republishing and licensing: I think you overestimate problems. 
The original authors have all rights and can of course pubish their work 
several times with different licenses, i.e. you can publish the same text 
once with a CC license say and still publish it in closed form in a 
commercial magzine (without the restrictions other people would face 
republishing the CC version) . You only run into problems if some 
media outlet insists on exclusiveness (like: If we take your article you 
are not allowed to republish it again on the German market).

I also think you need different texts for different audiences: For the 
open source./Linux crowd that might happen to dive as well you probably 
want to write something along the lines of what Dirk did in his 
presentation last week (I guess). Dirk, do you have any notes or is there 
even a recording? If you address the general diver (with no particular 
computer background), you mainly want to explain what you can do with the 
programm and why it might be better than what they are using so far.

Just my $.02

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