Henrik Brautaset Aronsen subsurface at
Tue Feb 12 00:19:22 PST 2013

Jef Driesen wrote:
> I discovered some problem that causes subsurface to segfault. I didn't
> had time yet to investigate myself, but I have attached two different
> backtraces.
> In the first case (bt1.log), I created a new file, and downloaded data
> from a dive computer. Right after the download finishes, I hit the
> segfault. For the second case (bt2.log), I started subsurface with the
> command "./subsurface dives/*.xml". When selecting some dives in the
> treeview, a segfault again.
> I can reproduce these segfaults every time.

I'm not able to reproduce this on my machine, so I'm not much help here.

> #6  0x000000000041bdd8 in set_one_cylinder (_data=0x7fffb8012098, model=0x8bc190, iter=0x7fffffffc5e0) at equipment.c:524

But I guess you'll find the problem by investigating the contents of 
cylinder_t *cyl before calling gtk_list_store_set in equipment.c:524


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