Video Tutorial status

Lutz Vieweg lvml at
Tue Feb 12 16:36:17 PST 2013


just wanted to let you know about the current state of my effort
to create a video introduction tutorial about subsurface:

- Video track editing is completed, run length ~ 14min.

- Audio track is next - since this is the first time that I try
   to combine a video track with a "voice from off" track recorded
   later, I cannot precisely predict how long this will take,
   but I hope to have a final version ready by the end of this week,
   rendered/encoded & uploaded next weekend.

- So far, only an English version is planned. Localization would only be
   easier than starting from scratch if the audio track was dubbed,
   only - but that that would probably be of limited use.

@Dirk: I guess you would rather link to an external hoster than
have people download such a video from your web site?
(The video will be free for downloading/copying/editing to anyone,


Lutz Vieweg

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