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Thu Feb 14 01:02:19 PST 2013

On Thu, 14 Feb 2013, Dirk Hohndel wrote:

> "Robert C. Helling" <helling at> writes:

> it shouldn't show_error should refresh the widget the moment the
> duration of the dive plan exceeds the max - that's BEFORE the plan is
> calculated. It is of course possible that on a Mac the widget doesn't
> refresh in sync with the call (we have observed this with some other
> issues as well - there sometimes appears to be a delay on the Mac before
> things get displayed) - but from a code perspective I'm pretty sure that
> this should be displayed right away.

This is really not important.

Just for the record: This is not a Mac issue. I am at the office and still 
waiting for my new IMac to be delivered. Meanwhile I am doing this on a 
Linux box with 3990 bogomips. Just tried again: In the planner enter

200m, TAB (immediate warning), click OK,
500min, TAB, about 10s nothing happens, then a redraw of the graph, then 
the warning appearing.

>> In addition the button on the error message also reads 'OK' which might be
>> a bit confusing as there is another OK button on the form with a different
>> meaning. Maybe "Thanks" or "I see" would be more appropriate (if you need
>> the button at all, I would not mind if there is no way to remove the
>> warning)
> I thought about this - but I like being able to click away errors /
> warnings. And given the coloring I don't think there should be any confusion.

Fair enough.


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