Merging data from two DC broken?

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at
Sat Feb 16 00:05:55 PST 2013


here are a couple of notes I did during doing a bit of testing with
the current development version of Subsurface:

- Data from two dive computers are not merged (used on same dives), I
have no idea what has changed since this used to work. I tested this
with closing the divelog and starting a new one.
- It used to be - if I downloaded Stinger first (with no air
integration) and Vyper Air then, the air data from the second DC was
not used/shown. I just cannot verify this anymore as dives from my two
DCs are not automatically merged currently. (This was the case about a
month ago)

Other issues:
- If I have manually merged dives and download from computer again,
the merged dives pop up as new individual dives (3 dives merged and
re-download results in 4 dives in total)
  - Tracking merged dives in this scenario would be appreciated,
especially since the new ghost dives typically pop up somewhere deep
down in the divelist and only present themselves when renumbering

- A possibility to merge dive location information from other log file
would be great (copying dive locations from my dives to my buddy's
logs, based on the fuzzy time merge)


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