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Robert C. Helling helling at
Mon Feb 18 00:02:43 PST 2013

On Sun, 17 Feb 2013, Lutz Vieweg wrote:


> you can now find the first version of my video tutorial on Subsurface at

well done!

> Please let me know what you think about is, whether I something is
> completely wrong or missing etc.

I have two suggestions, though: It seems's bandwith is quite 
limited, at home (where usually I have no problems watching streamed 
video) it stopped several times due to the buffer running low and I had to 
wait about a minute to restart. Now I am in the office (with a 100MBit 
uplink more or less directly attached to the German backbone) and it does 
not start at all (spinning dots of death).

Maybe you should consider uploading it to as well? It's free 
(i.e. no money, no ads) and also hosting CC licensed stuff.

> The narrators voice track has some noise floor due to me not owning
> professional microphone equipment, I had to use the builtin microphones
> of my GH2 camera. I tried to apply a dynamic noise gate filter, but
> the side effects were more adverse than the noise floor.

You only notice in the cuts where it drops to silence for a second or two. 
Maybe you want to add a 'comfort noise' track?


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