Planner. Strange behavior while changing deco mixes.

Salvador Cuñat salvador.cunat at
Wed Feb 20 11:58:35 PST 2013


I was just testing the recent patches to the planner and realized that
when changing deco mixes (EAN 50 - 21 m  and  O2 - 6m) the calculated
plan diverges widely from the calculated ceiling.
While at the 21 m stop the profile shows an EAD of 21m, when it must be
13,29 m  (if I'm not wrong), and an strangely long duration, then jumps
to a very brief 15m stop, without 18m.
Something very similar on the 6m stop except for the EAD which is a
correct  0m in this case, and don't loose the 3m stop.

Attached is a printout with the simulated dive.

BTW, on the printout we can see a failure on the tanks because of the
width of the string "botella para planificar",  which, may be, gives me
some light on the problem of the *2 divisor of the height.
I'm on it.


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