Release Notes

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Feb 20 11:58:53 PST 2013

These are the Release Notes I am planning to use for the
announcements. They are also checked into git. Please send patches :-)


			Subsurface 3.0

The Subsurface developer team is proud to announce the release of the
latest version of Subsurface.

Subsurface is an open source divelog program that runs on Windows, Mac
and Linux.

Subsurface is able to track single- and multi-tank dives using air,
Nitrox or TriMix. It also allows logging of weights and exposure
protection used, dive masters and dive buddies and enables the user to
rate dives and provide additional dive notes.

With Subsurface the user can also track dive locations including GPS
coordinates (which can conveniently entered using a map interface).
Subsurface calculates a wide variety of statistics of the user’s
diving and calculates and tracks information like the user's SAC rate,
partial pressures of O2, N2 and He, calculated deco information, and
many more.

One of the major strength of Subsurface is its support of a wide range
of dive computers (most common dive computers are supported, a
detailed list is at
Subsurface can also import existing dive logs from several sources
including MacDive, Suunto DM3, JDivelog and Another
strength is its ability to visualize the depth profile (and, if
available, the tank pressure curve) in very innovative ways that give
the user additional information on relative velocity (and momentary
air consumption) during the dive.

New in this version (compared to Subsurface 2.1):

- Many new divecomputers supported, bugfixes for existing divecomputers
  - Cressi Leonardo, Seemann XP5, Mares Matrix, Mares Puck Pro, Mares
    Nemo Wide 2, Shearwater Petrel, Shearwater Predator, Aeris A300
    AI, Hollis DG03
  - significant improvements for the Heinrichs Weiskamp OSTC
- Significantly improved selection of divecomputers for direct download
- Map display of GPS locations of dives and ability to enter and edit those
- Improved automatic dive numbering
- Data overlay for profile plot (with additional statistics information)
- Zoom function for profile plot
- Dive planner
- Improved printing support
- Improved dive trip handling
- Support for downloading dives from multiple computers (so for example both your main and your backup computer)
- Added ability to import existing divelogs from Suunto DM3 (no manual unpacking needed anymore), JDivelog, MacDive and
- Lots of features to make tec divers happy:
  - Deco calculation with optional display of a calculated ceiling (Buehlmann ZH16 with gradient factors)
  - Display of deco information from some divecomputers that support this
  - TriMix support
  - CCR support (fixed or variable setpoint, on dive computers that support this)
  - Optional pO2, pN2 and pHe graphs
  - CNS tracking for supported divecomputers
- Lots of bug fixes

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