3.0 has been released

Jan Schubert Jan.Schubert at GMX.li
Thu Feb 21 10:57:51 PST 2013

On 21.02.2013 19:12, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> I posted the announcements, the website is updated, the load on the
> (reasonably beefy) server hosting all this is already shooting up...
> Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this possible. It's been an
> intense couple of weeks pulling this together but I think we created a
> solid release...
> Now let's wait for the bug reports to roll in.
> Oh and work on the backlog of patches (if I pushed back on your ideas in
> the last few days, please resubmit... I'm thinking window position
> saving, dive planner fixes, companion app and web service, etc)

Thx Dirk for your tireless work on this! I guess all of us really
appreciate this. Kudos also to Linus and all the other contributors, thx
a lot!

Personally I feel confident that this is a huge step and especially the
technical enhancements may attract a complete new group of people. I'm
going to announce this on some (technical) diver forums as well.

And yes, I'll try to show up more frequently again in here in the next
days, Sry for being offline to often lately...


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