Request for new features

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Fri Feb 22 07:38:13 PST 2013

Lutz Vieweg <lvml at> writes:

> On 02/22/2013 12:07 PM, jukka.lind at wrote:
>> OK. If you double click the location symbol in the list of dives, youll
>> see the location on the map, but thats read-only.

Actually, it should do that even on a single click.

> And indeed, this is kind of a non-obvious difference to how
> the other dive attributes are shown.
> @all: Wouldn't it be a good idea to remove the "GPS"-Symbol from the
> dive list, and instead, introduce a fifth "tab" in the "Info" panel,
> labelled "Map", that would show the location of the dive - read only,
> consistent with all the other read-only information display of
> dive information details?

I like that idea. That way we also get rid of the popup window.
This does require us embed the map widget but that shouldn't be too

Any volunteer to work on this?


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