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Sat Feb 23 06:47:38 PST 2013

On 23 February, 2013 - Krzysztof Arentowicz wrote:

> Hi,
> First of all, a big Thank You for Subsurface 3.0  to all of you.
> After spending some time playing with dive planner I thought of a few
> features that I find quite useful in other deco sw I use and I think it
> would be a good idea to have similar functionality implemented also in
> Subsurface:
> 1. it should be possible to configure last deco stop depth. While diving
> in sea it is a common practice to plan last deco stop on 6m as it is
> often impossible to maintain depth of 3m because of sea conditions.
> 2. there should be an option to add some extra time to deco stops on
> which gas change is to take place.
> 3. it should be possible to configure different max ascent rates
> depending on depth, to allow faster ascent on deeper part of the dive
> and slower during shallow part. (eg 9m/min below 21m and 6m/min above
> 21m). The same goes for descent. (IIRC vplanner uses 15m/min until 60m,
> 18m/min until 150m and 24m/min below that)
> 4. current planner behavior is that dive profile is drawn simply by
> connecting user defined points, so if I want to plan, say, a 45m/30min
> dive I need to actually enter 2 segments: 45m/3min and 45m/27min where
> the first one determines my descent speed. This allows for totally crazy
> profiles like getting down to a few hundred meters in a minute.
> Teleportation is cool but I don't think we're there yet with current
> diving technology :)
> I think it would make more sense to enter just a single depth/time
> coordinate and let the planner interpret this as "I want to get to
> 'depth' as fast as possible given currently defined ascent/descent rates
> and stay on this depth until 'time' is reached "
> What do you think?

I concur. All of these suggestions above sounds good to me, and while we
discuss the future of dive-planning i would like to add some of my

Currently i use GUE Deco planner for my planning. Its kind if clumsy on
some parts but its great on others. Its quite old but it runs great
under wine =)

One feature i just love is how easy it is to define eg. a standard set
of deco gases and try and run the numbers with them. For example when
you are planning a dive and you are trying to figure out of you should
do the dive with only 100%, only 50% or both. Its dead simple to just
flip between them and look at the numbers and see if it looks like a
better dive plan.

Another thing i love is the way to define your standard bottles. I
almost aways dive my D12-232's so having the dive planner calculate your
gas consumption and show you how much of your planned gas supply you
would have consumed at different parts of the dive would be great. This
would be fantastic if it could for ex. show you where under a dive your
first stage would run out if you do a staged dive.

//Anton - Who is trying to find some time to scratch some itches in subsurface

Anton Lundin

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