Import Dialog changed?

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Feb 23 11:28:43 PST 2013

Jan Schubert <Jan.Schubert at> writes:

> Guys has there been an change for the way how one has to proceed to
> import data (XML, UDDF..)? We just got a "bug report" claiming the
> import dialog described in the manual is missing:
> In my case this just works by using Open!? Is this a bug in the manual
> or changed by purpose?
> Anyway, the "bug" reportet itself is some kind of invalid as the manual
> explicitely states to use the Open dialog for Importing data from
> JDiveLog. But it also states (in 8.1):
> By using the menu /File -- Import XML File(s)/ you get a popup asking
> for the file name.
> And at least in my build running Linux this dialog is not there. So, is
> this just a bug in the manual?

That's completely bogus. The screenshot shows a menu entry 
"< Back    Ctrl+I"
right in the spot where the Import should be. WTF?

Were you able to reproduce this with a build, Jan? I sure can't, neither
on Mac or Fedora (but the image looks a bit like Ubuntu).


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