request for ideas - dive editing UI

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Feb 24 09:59:17 PST 2013

I've been thinking about this for a while now. Right now when we do a
dive plan, once the user clicks ok this becomes just another dive, no
changes possible. It would be much better to be able to go back and
re-edit the dive (there's a feature request for that in the trac
bugtracker as well).

Now that of course can easily be extended: why stop with planned
dive. Any dive could in theory be edited in a very similar UI. That
would make it easy to add gas changes that are missing from a dive, for
example. Not sure how much else you'd really WANT to edit in an existing
dive, though.

But that leads to two interesting issues:

a) on the planned dive we need to be able to tell apart the samples that
are a result of the users dive plan from the samples that were created
by the software for the ascent / deco stage. That should be easy enough
with a flag in the sample. I guess we might even want to save that flag
so the user could re-edit a dive after it has been saved and re-loaded.

b) assuming we want to extend this to being able to edit any dive,
that's going to be a TON of rows in that dialog - I have a dive from
Lord Howe Island a few weeks ago for which I have more than 600 samples
- and if Jan sets his dive computer up for 5 sec sample rate his 2+h
dives will get him something like 1500 samples. So just doing a dialog
with each sample... isn't going to work.

So how would we do this? Clearly a) is easy - should we just do that and
solve the gas change problem differently? Obviously the ability to mark
it with the mouse in the profile would be nice, but given the blatant
lack gtk experience / volunteers here on the list...? I can throw
together a simple widget that allows entering a time stamp and picking a
gas. Is that the way to go?

Questions, questions.


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