[PATCH] Move translations to transifex.com (was: Translation management)

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Mon Feb 25 08:49:35 PST 2013

Kévin Raymond <shaiton at fedoraproject.org> writes:

> Hi folks,
> We spoke about moving the translations to a translation system in order to
> help maintain translations, and decided to check this after the 3.0
> release.

Yep. Let's make that after 3.0.1 (still planning for that today)

> Here is a patch to pull translations from transifex.com and push the POT
> file there.
> The project is at transifex.com[1], I pushed the current translations  to
> have an example, but of course if we decide to not use transifex.com, I
> will delete this project.
> If we move there, please give me the name of the transifex.com account to
> set as maintainers. They will have to approve team creations and are able
> to push POT update.

I will register there in a moment.

> Few thoughts before applying this patch:

I'll obviously hold the patch until after 3.0.1 is tagged

> - Transifex does the PO merge itself
> - Transifex does not handle fuzzy string by choice. Therefore translators
>   can't work with the "fuzzy" status (information lost while uploading the
>   PO file to Transifex).

That's kinda lame, but ok. I guess that translators aren't forced to use
Transifex, correct? They can simply use poedit and get the fuzzy
strings and then send patches from that if they choose.

> - We can download POs from Transifex only with valid credentials. This is
>   a limitation that devel where going to resolve (I don't know the
>   status).

Well, since I currently do all the code maintenance that shouldn't be a
problem - I can simply do the downloads and then apply the changes to
git and push them out.

> - The transifex client should be installed on the host in order to pull
>   POs and push the POT.

That affects me an any translator who chooses to use Transifex, right?

> - Each time we do a "tx push -t" in order to push the translations like I
>   did to import the current translations, the "Last-Translator:" header is
>   overridden with the maintainer name who is currently pushing, but should
>   not appear on the "# Translators:" credit lines. Which is not totally
>   wrong.


> - Basically, a maintainer would just have to "make update-po-files" in
>   order to build a new POT, push it to Transifex, and then pull the POs
>   that got just merged.

That is not all that different from my current worflow. But that
description makes me wonder if what I said earlier is correct.

Does this switch force us to do ALL editing of translations in
Transifex? What happens if I merge someone's translation (let's say
German) locally and then push to Transifex?

> I don't know what process you want to use here, but we can probably use
> only one Transifex resource by translation template file. Should we define
> a new one for major releases? (Having only one is probably better.)

I don't know enough about Transifex to be abel to answer this

> There could also be other files, I tried to import the README as a simple
> txt file, but strings are exploded by-line, which is not the best to
> translate. Do we want to create a release for websites, Release Notes, and
> README? (I locked the translations of the README file as it was only a
> test).

per line translations would be horrible. There must be a way to
translate text blocks like README files or HTML files.

I'd love to somehow do the website translations through this as well... 

> I would be happy to speak more about Transifex if you have questions, or
> to let people move to an other platform.

See my questions above for starters :-)

And thanks for your help with this!!!


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