Translations - just a heads up

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Feb 25 17:40:05 PST 2013

In preparation for 3.0.1 we have fixed a surprising number of bugs. Huge
Kudos to those of you who jumped on things and helped make Subsurface so
much better. Thank you Linus, Lubomir, Miika, Salvador, Cristian, Robert
and Reinout.

As a consequence of that a few new strings got introduced. Nothing
really exciting and nothing that would be horrible to not have
translated, but if you have a minute and could send the updates in the
next 12 hours, that would be awesome.

Just for reference, this is what's new:

No Events   <-- that's 'No' is in 'none', not 'No' as sometimes used for 'number of'
Can't open Stylesheet
Strange percentage reading
User Manual



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