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Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Feb 26 09:40:44 PST 2013

Jan Schubert <Jan.Schubert at> writes:

> On 26.02.2013 02:40, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>> In preparation for 3.0.1 we have fixed a surprising number of bugs.
> This is mainly that we released something, finally. And we got a good
> numbers of users attracted.
> Lesson learned: release often :-). And spread the word!

I definitely plan to release more frequently. But seriously... 2.1 was
in October, so was only a little over four months...

>>  Huge
>> Kudos to those of you who jumped on things and helped make Subsurface so
>> much better. Thank you Linus, Lubomir, Miika, Salvador, Cristian, Robert
>> and Reinout.
> I'd recommend not only to focus on people contributing code/patches but
> also people testing, giving user support, providing test data, spreading
> the word...

Whic seems to be a very similar subset. The ones helping the most with
support are Jan and Lubomir at this point... well, that's the ones I
see. I'm sure there are others in native language forums that I don't
see, like Linus on the Finnish board :-)

> Another lesson learned from my point of view is, that we might have to
> rethink the use of Trac: In my understanding new users are going to use
> Trac the same way as I've thought in the beginning: not only to report
> bugs but also enhancement, whishes, change requests... This is something
> - as I understood - Dirk has not been a big friend of so far, but seems
> to be common for other projects, business and in peoples mind. We might
> have to rethink how to find a good integration between the mailing list
> and Trac.

I have given in to hat use. And there is a mailing list where you can
get all the trac updates... subsurface-trac - you can sign up via the
list manager :-)

> And some very specific note for Trac: Not being able to create a user by
> my own nor changing the password (once Dirk created a user) nor being
> able to remember the user/session nor the browser seems to be able to
> store the password is something we should solve before we might think of
> using Trac more than in the past.

My browser happily remembers my password and my sessions. Not sure why
this isn't possible for you.

I'll look into a plugin to allow users to change their password.

If others want accounts on trac, let me know (but you shouldn't really
need them - most things can be done without an account).

With the addition of the spam plugin the frequency at which spam makes
it onto the site has dropped nicely.


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