Bulding 3.0.1 Under Ubuntu 10.04 i386

Robert Wolfe robert.wolfe at robertwolfe.org
Thu Feb 28 07:13:15 PST 2013

I haven't tried under 12.10.  As I write this, it is actually still installing in the VM.  Once that is done, I'll put together the necessary build environment to give it a try.  But, I am hoping for some backwards compatibility here, as there are a couple of local divers who still use 10.04.x.

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On 28.02.2013 16:07, Robert Wolfe wrote:
> I am installing in under the Linux version of VirtualBox.  Did you want the link to the DEBs I built for libdivecomputer and subsurface?

So you would be able to build official 3.0.1 deb using Ubuntu 12.10 then?

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