[PATCH] Limit to 4 the number of cylinders shown in the data frame

Salvador Cuñat salvador.cunat at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 08:59:02 PST 2013

Here is the modified patch, and, off course, you were right. That
loop was a total nonsense mess.
Have extracted the nested functions, too, as I couldn't bear the idea of
being shooted by Linus  };-)
Have changed the way of show the gasmix, as Dirk pointed out.  TxOO/HH
for the trimix, and EANOO for the nitrox  (tougth I'd prefer NxOO), as
every diver knows what EAN means ( ... I think).

Finally, have changed the volume of the tanks to its description, in the
printout, to avoid the problem with the strange way of naming the cylinders in
the imperial system (you know,  80 cufeet vs 12 liters).

Happy new year.


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