deco calculations

Robert C. Helling helling at
Thu Jan 3 23:16:50 PST 2013

On Jan 4, 2013, at 7:06 AM, Dirk Hohndel wrote:

Good morning,

> I took a stab at implementing our own deco calculations.


> I have some issues with this (as noted in the commit messages). My
> biggest concern is that apparently changing the GFlow and GFhigh values
> has no impact on the deco curve whatsoever. And that is a huge red flag
> to me…

I haven't had time to look at the code but I will as soon as my six month old daughter I am supposed to entertain falls asleep.

> So please, give it a try and find the bugs.

But I ran it with data from my latest dive on which it seems to think I violated the ceiling which results in the ceiling being a self-intersecting surface, see screen-shot attached.


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