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> Oh forgot to put some notes to Dirks question about the "odd shape" of
> the deco ceiling curve: When calculationg the deco ceiling all the 16
> tissue compartments has to be taken into account. The deco ceiling is
> defined by the compartment/tissue having the highest overpressure,
> called the leading tissue. This leading tissue can (and will!) switch
> during a dive resulting is such mentionable jumps (ups  and downs) when
> looking at the smooth deco ceiling curve not based on 3m steps.

I tend to disagree. At a point in the dive, where the leading compartment changes both the old and the new compartment have, quasi by definition, the same ceiling (as the total ceiling is the max of all compartment ceilings). Thus, when a new compartment becomes the lead, there should be no jump in the ceiling (only in the time derivative as the ceiling of the new compartment will go up slower, as otherwise it could not take over).


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