Meaning of GF settings

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Jan 6 10:08:35 PST 2013

"Robert C. Helling" <helling at> writes:
>>> Let me know what you think but it seems to me deco.c would need a
>>> complete rewrite to at least match my understanding of the GF
>>> algorithm.
>> Well, instead of starting with the theory and formulas I decided to
>> start with an existing implementation. That's were many of the
>> choices and implementation details come from. But with your and Jan's
>> help I'm thinking I'm getting a much better grasp of the formulas and
>> may decide to redo this.
>> But my experience is that it is much better to have some half assed
>> code and make it better than to wait for someone else to do the
>> perfect implementation.
> 100% agree. My remark was meant as a note to self to do this. It's
> just that you guys are so much faster than me. But tomorrow, I will be
> back in the office and that might give me more opportunities to stare
> into the computer for an extended period of time ;-)

I am trying to get to a point where I can do a release - and have way
too many ideas of things that I want to add. So I keep pushing and
pushing and pushing :-)

> Having your code in place will incredibly helpful since with this I
> don't have to think about how to integrate this with the rest of the
> program. If you have some patience with me for a few days, I will try
> to come up with my version of tissue_loadings_to_ceiling.

I will stop messing with the deco routines and wait for your rewrite.



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