[PATCH] Sort "loose" dives properly in-between trips

Linus Torvalds torvalds at linux-foundation.org
Mon Jan 7 11:31:13 PST 2013

On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 10:57 AM, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at hohndel.org> wrote:
> With all that said - should I apply the patch and we test it in tree, or
> should I wait for Miika to come back and say "yes, this is good"?

I think the patch we should apply is the attached one instead.

HOWEVER, I can't test it with your and my dives, because the deco
calculations get unhappy and get stuck in some infinite loop (I think
this may be related to the other report about test-dives). Just try it
(with or without this patch) by doing a simple

    subsurface linus.xml DirkDives.xml

to show how it hangs.

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