deco rewrite [was Re: Meaning of GF settings]

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Jan 8 09:37:23 PST 2013


I just pushed out a commit with the following commit message. Please
take a quick look to make sure that you are ok with the changes to the
comments at the top of the file and that I didn't mess anything up with
the one actual change that I made (described in the last paragraph of
the commit message).



    Clean up the rewritten deco.c
    In commit a7902f279a57 "Rewrite of the deco code" Robert kept the old code
    that he replaced around; I removed all that as it's in the git history if
    we ever need to look at it again but doesn't really help us in the file as
    it is.
    I also removed constants, variables and config parameters that aren't used
    in the new implementation and did some coding style / formatting changes
    to make deco.c more consistent with the rest of Subsurface. I also updated
    the comments at the top of the file to reflect reality.
    I did one change that actually affects the code. In the explanation of his
    changes Robert said that gf_low_pressure_this_dive is initialized to the
    exquivalent of 20m, yet his code added the surface pressure twice. I
    decided to change the default config value from 3 (bar) to 2 so that this
    indeed reflects (about) 20m (as in the code below surface_pressure is
    added to this value).

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