Graph documentation [was: Re: Meaning of GF settings]

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Jan 8 11:55:39 PST 2013

Jan Schubert <Jan.Schubert at> writes:

> Back to the documentation thing: If this is something others see also a
> need and usage for, I might (!) think to create some documentation. I
> hesitate as this might turn out to become a bigger thing at the end of
> the day. Once started there is the "risk" to face sooo much topics that
> we might end up with something worth a book or so.

Very much so.

> What would be a good way to start such a documentation!? A Wiki?
> Included in subsurface? Context sensitive or just chapter by chapter? A
> animated character like "Clippy"?

NAK on Clippy.

This is a slippery slope. I prefer to point to existing resources
instead of turning Subsurface into a "everything for everyone"
kitchensink project. Maintaining a knowledgebase (especially on an often
hotly debated topic) sounds like a great way to get bogged down in
non-software related discussions.

So what would be nice is a section on the website where we point people
to good resources for the typical questions they face.

What do the GFlow/high values mean. What are reasonable values.
Why am I not dead, yet?


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