[PATCH] Fix deco planning for low oxygen mixes

Jan Schubert Jan.Schubert at GMX.li
Tue Jan 8 11:59:41 PST 2013

On 01/08/13 20:50, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> Jan Schubert <Jan.Schubert at GMX.li> writes:
>> Not sure about the future of the current planner.c as we have new
>> approaches now but as this annoyed me for some days now I just decided
>> to come up with this trivial stuff to make my life easier.
>> More a cosmetic fix than a patch, but actually it fixes a bug one might
>> face planing a dive using low oxygen mixes and where stop levels at just
>> 90m, 60m, 30m and nothing in between will not allow subsurface to finish
>> a deco ceiling which ends before the universe collapses. Allows to plan
>> 20min at 130m using a 10/70 now (f.i.).
> This works - but my goal is to have a setting that says "deco stop every
> 3m or custom deco stops" and then provide a UI that allows people to
> enter their deco stops of choice...

Totally agree, but as long as we do not have this I'd just like to be
able to use it the way it is.
> BTW: weren't you one of the people who despise the 3m stop at the end?
> Or was that someone else?

Hm, I'm just saying that there are people how do not 3m but 6m stops as
the last stop. Personally I do 3m and would like to be able to do 2m or
even 1m if my dive computer or dive planning software would allow this.
Mind the pressure difference when surfacing from 6m (1,6bar to 1bar -
60%!) or 3m (still 30%) and compare this to a ascend from 90m to 80m
(just 10%).

Anyway, defining a last stop should be included in subsurface at the end
of the day.


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