[PATCH] gtk-gui.c: Move the download dialog related code to a new file

Amit Chaudhuri amit.k.chaudhuri at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 12:27:24 PST 2013


I've been looking at the name change and code move and looking at how to
react today.

I was starting to think about how I could access the new device_info_list
in order to walk through and extract the info to display in an edit nick
name dialog.  [To me] This initially implied I might need to add a function
to return the head of the list to device.[ch] but the recent comments
suggest moving the UI code in the other direction might make more sense.

Now I've just read Linus' piece on the interactions with config / XML and
Dirk's response.  That seems to open up the debate on a whole new (wider)

Fishing for comments on the best architectural approach on this.....still
feeling my way on this a bit.  Appreciate any views...


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