wrongly displayed Safetystop

Jan Schubert Jan.Schubert at GMX.li
Thu Jan 10 12:56:02 PST 2013

On 01/10/13 21:48, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> Jan Schubert <Jan.Schubert at GMX.li> writes:
>> In all of my profiles from OSTC and Predator I get a Safetystop
>> displayed in the mouse over dialog after the official deco is finished
>> until surfacing. The stop seems to be displayed regardless if the
>> calculated deco is finished or not but only seems to be there in cases
>> there is deco calculated. Funny enough, in some cases it also seems to
>> be there before a deco got calculated, I did not find any specific
>> pattern so far.
>> Tracking down I found that the there is even an entry for "stoptime" in
>> the XML, so the GUI is correct, but I've no idea where this is coming from.
>> The safety stop should not be there and there is not even such a thing
>> like safety stop implemented in the Predator. Any ideas?
> Are these recent downloads (last couple of days) or older XML files?
> During the different phases of "how do we encode what" we ended up with
> various different ways to store the information and before I go hunting
> for the bug I want to make sure this is actually a sane current starting
> point.

OK, but this is also in the most recent XML data (Jan 3 for Predator and
Jan 6 for OSTC). But I can do another test soon and will check right
after download...


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