[PATCH] Add GPS locations to some of the test dives

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Sun Jan 13 09:35:45 PST 2013

Amit Chaudhuri <amit.k.chaudhuri at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Pierre-Yves,
> I'm very interested in the GPS / OSM implementation.  If this is what I
> think it is, I'm very happy to see it.  :)
> I don't see it in the master yet when I git pull.  Is that as you'd expect
> (i.e. patch has been submitted but is not yet accepted & pushed)?

I know this may surprise people, but I sometimes spend small amounts of
time not responding to requests and emails and patches and instead do
things like "go out to dinner" and then "sleep".

> Assuming this is pending, and if I want to follow along before it is
> assimilated into master, is it simply a matter of extracting the relevant
> patches from your email(s) and applying in order?

You can do that. But unless there's email from Linus or me saying "uh, I
don't like this, because" things normally end up in master relatively

I plan to apply Pierre's code in the next few minutes (after I'm done
reading email).

> [I have used the Open Street Map within a Qt/C++ marblewidget in desktop
> apps before and really enjoyed the results. I'm pretty sure they do an Open
> Sea Map too somewhere, but then you probably know already....]

Linus and I looked at the open sea map rendering and it is
pathetic. Certainly not something I'd like to see in Subsurface.


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