Extracting information from a webservice

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 10:36:55 PST 2013

On 17 January 2013 19:11, Pierre-Yves <pingou at pingoured.fr> wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 08:44:34AM -0800, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>> Makes sense now. And that does indeed look easily parseable. When I have a moment later today I'll check if this can successfully imported with Subsurface (and if it is easier to change our parser or if it requires changes to the XML to be easily digestable).
> Changing the xml can be done rather easily, so feel free to ask if it's easier
> for the parser.
>> Ideally this would then match the dives (more loosely than normal since you will have taken the GPS fix a few minutes before dive start or a few minutes after dive end) and then simply updates the dive…
> The only question will be, how long should be this time difference? 30min? less?
>> If you or Lubumir have time to play with that right now, please say so here (so we don't duplicate work) and go ahead!
> I'll be afk most of today so if you have some time go ahead (and even if I had
> some time, it would take me much more time than it will take you).

any change you can provide me with an URL that returns a XML structure
for testing?

i've tried registering a new login but got the following after
clicking the confirmation email link.:

IntegrityError: (IntegrityError) column diver_confirmation_key is not
unique u'UPDATE divers SET diver_confirmation_key=? WHERE divers.diver
= ? AND divers.diver_creation_date = ?' ('ok',
u'41TFEC8ZMVD5DBE0JPBBU5JDDA2Y6T', '2013-01-17')

on the "libcurl vs libsoup" topic, on Windows at least, i'm having
major issues finding the appropriate packages to make the newest
libcurl work. building is usually a bit of a PITA, so i haven't tried
that yet. while with libsoup, i already have a working example using
2.4.0 (which is a bit outdated itself) , where i can make a GET
request and receive the response body.

i propose that i send a patch using libsoup and the webservice
backend, which can be changed eventually.

does webservice.[c/h] sound good?


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