[PATCH] Show single dives in map.

Robert C. Helling helling at atdotde.de
Fri Jan 18 16:01:20 PST 2013

On Jan 18, 2013, at 11:42 PM, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> I'd much rather I'd much rather just call the dive site "Molokini
> crater" and then have the GPS location show where I entered the water,
> than try to link the dive site. And depending on where you dive, the
> same mooring well may be associated with multiple "dive sites"
> (depending on exactly which part of a reef etc you go to), so you may
> also have multiple dive sites associated with the same entry location.
> Thinking that dive site and gps coordinates are somehow an 1:1
> relationship is wrong.
> I think the only real reason to link dive sites with gps coordinates
> is "it's hard to get gps coordinates, so once you have them for one
> dive site, look them up from the divesite". But that *should* be BS,
> if we do things right. In fact, it should be easier to get the GPS
> coordinates (since it can be entirely automated if you just have a
> phone with you on the boat) than the dive site name (which tends to be
> something that the locals make up depending on which part of the reef
> etc).
> Of course, then there are the people who just go to the same quarry
> every weekend, or teach at the same exact site. They just don't care.
> For them, having the gps coordinates per-dive might be redundant, but
> the fact is, for that case you don't really care about the gps
> coordinates at all (are you really going to look up the map of the
> quarry you have gone to fifty times?), so that's not an argument -
> that's just a boring special case, where it doesn't really *hurt* to
> have per-dive gps data either (or no gps data at all, for that matter)

Why not do both? We could have per dive coordinates but if those are not available use those of a dive with a location of the same name?

Similarly, I would propose to have many possible sources of coordinates: The web service, images with geotagging, .gpx GPS tracks.

I am currently playing around with some code that extracts this informations from all these types of files to add them to the .xml. For this purpose, could somebody please mail me an .xml file that already contains GPS coordinates?


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