GPS icon [was: Re: Plans [was: Re: Gconf or GSettings? - leading to a wider question]]

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Jan 22 20:27:26 PST 2013

Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> writes:
> In the meantime I have 90% of a patch to show cute little icons for
> locations where we have GPS data. (where "cute" is supposed to mean
> "Dirk designed the icon based on an existing open source icon and he
> thinks that your eyes won't immediately start to bleed")
> I just ran out of time last night to clean this up, so I'll push it out
> when I have some time tonight.

Ok, I cleaned this up and pushed it. Here's the commit message:

    Add GPS icon to the location column for dive sites where we have GPS data
    This replaces the really lame "italics text" from commit abe810ca1a29
    ("Mark locations that have GPS location data attached") with a marginally
    less lame GPS icon.There's a reason why I am not making a living as
    graphics artist. But I think this is a huge step forward from what we had
    The satellite.svg file is very loosely based on a different icon that I
    found as public domain here
    From that I created the PNG and then that was converted into the
    GdkPixdata via gdk-pixbuf-csource; a rule for that was added to
    the Makefile but commented out as I don't know if this tool will always be
    available in the path. Having this icon included in the sources avoids
    locating yet another icon file.
    Better icons are certainly welcome!

You can see the effect by starting

./subsurface ./dives/test*.xml


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