[PATCH 3/3] Compile subsurface with gtk3

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen subsurface at henrik.synth.no
Mon Jan 28 00:50:26 PST 2013

According to the latest commits on 
https://github.com/nzjrs/osm-gps-map/commits/master, osm-gps-map should 
build on gtk3 now.

But I agree with Dirk, it's probably a good idea to delay the switch 
until after 3.0.


Linus Torvalds wrote:
> So I'd suggest applying all three patches, but leaving the Makefile part
> of the third patch unapplied. That leaves us with gtk2 but very close to
> working with gtk3. And the patches are really pretty trivial and should
> not break anything. Some of it is just cleanup.
>       Linus
> On Jan 27, 2013 6:15 PM, "Dirk Hohndel" <dirk at hohndel.org
> <mailto:dirk at hohndel.org>> wrote:
>     On Jan 27, 2013, at 5:43 PM, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>      > Oh, I forgot to talk about osm not working with gtk3 so that also
>     got hard-disabled by this patch. Again, it's a Makefile thing, not a
>     source code thing..
>     There apparently is a branch that has been ported to gtk3 (learned
>     about this when trying to get it to work on Mac).
>     I'm still not convinced that I want to put this in master at this stage.
>     Would you be ok if we tabled this until after 3.0 is released? It
>     just doesn't seem to give us any benefit but cause disruption…
>     /D
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