Towards 3.0

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Jan 30 21:08:13 PST 2013

I think we are closing the gaps towards being able to release 3.0.

- I think the gps / map functionality is good enough for a first public
  release; it's not great, yet (osm-gps-map has its issues), but at
  least we can visualize gps locations and have a means to enter them,
- The Companion App is getting closer - I feel more comfortable now with
  the latest changes I just pushed to keep that functionality in; there
  is some more polish needed, but overall things work ok-ish.
- Lots of little bugs have been fixed - we really need to get into an
  intense testing phase now as I am sure there are a ton of bugs still

What I still expect to happen before 3.0

- the issue with the interaction of keyboard and mouse needs to be
  solved one way or another. I really like the way the cursor keys work
  now, but there has to be a way to either turn off the enter
  functionality to select a dive or to fix it.
- there are tons of little usability glitches. Everyone can help here -
  even if you don't know how to program. Play with loading different
  files, editing dives, deleting things, adding things, removing trips,
  playing with dive plans, etc.
- there are still lots of places that aren't sufficiently aware of
  multiple divecomputers. In a way that's no big deal as most sane
  people have only one dive computer they download from - still, there
  is a lot of low hanging fruit out there.
- the documentation urgently needs work. So much has changed since this
  was written and decent documentation is one of the key success factors
  for an application like Subsurface.
- in a day or two I'll update the strings and will ask the translators
  to start working on that.

What I really want to see fixed but doubt it will happen for 3.0

- we need in-place editing. Having to double-click on the divelist or
  right-click and select edit is INSANE. And many new users cannot
  figure out how to do that and give up on Subsurface :-(

Am I missing anything?

Any volunteers to work on the documentation?


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