Too long deco after moving points in the planner

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finally I found the origin of the following weird behavior:

In the planner create two waypoints:

30m at 2min
30m at 5min

No deco obligation is created.

Then move the second waypoint to 

30m at 28min

Some deco is created (correct).

Move it back to 

30min at 5min

There is still substantial deco at 3m left (incorrect).

The origin of this behavior was that upon each addition of a waypoint and each move event a new dive was added to the dive list. The previous dives were then taken into account for deco. This patch now deltas the dive from the dive list after every computation of the deco obligation. It would have to be added back once the ok button is pressed (but then struct dive should not be on the stack but on the heap).

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