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Larry A. Thiel lthiel at
Fri Jul 5 17:19:57 PDT 2013

I wrote a program in 1988 called Dive-In which ran in MSDOS.  I did it 
for the same reasons Linus wanted this, nothing available at the time 
would do.  I have been using it still today but for various reasons 
would like to convert my logs (782 dives plus other info) into 
SubSurface.  I have been working on exporting the data but still have a 
lot to do.

I joined this mail list as I could find no user forums in which to ask 
questions about usage that the documentation does not appear to cover.  
But it looks like the purpose of this list is almost exclusively about 
development and bug fixing.  Useful and I will try to participate if 
appropriate, but I suspect you folks may not want to be bothered by my 
current questions.  Is there a better place for end user questions?

BTW, SubSurface has features that Dive-In does not but Dive-In also has 
features seemingly absent from SubSurface.  If anyone is interested, I 
could share some of that or provide a short list of questions though 
they are not about the code or bugs as of yet.
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