Printing Support - brainstorm.

Tomaz Canabrava tcanabrava at
Thu Jul 18 13:14:16 PDT 2013


let's brainstorm a bit. :)
The current way that lubomir programmed the Printing support seems to be a
no-go because it's damn-slow.
the problem seems to be with QTextDocument parsing of HTML, but if we use
QTextCursor to manipulate the QTextDocument, the time goes down from 15s to
2, with is mostly-acceptable. *but* that broke CSS. I'v tried to follow Qt
guidelines on QTextDocument but that was unfruitfull - the doc seems to be
wrong there ( or I didn't understand what it was saying, and since english
is not my first language this is always a possibility. )

So I researched a bit on how people do 'Table-based printing' and
discovered that they usually get a QTableView and send it to print, simple
as that. That however doesn
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