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Fri Jul 19 08:44:42 PDT 2013

On 19 July 2013 00:05, Tomaz Canabrava <tcanabrava at> wrote:
> ui->tableWidget->rowHeight(r);

(see attachment; compile with qmake/make)

i've created an external (to subsurface), partial test of the
QTableView performance and just found out that tableView->rowHeight()
is a major slowdown operation...

(test code can be seen in MainWindow::fillTable())

results with incrementing variable 'tableHeight' with the last row
height using QTableView::rowHeight():
total_dives: 378 tableHeight: 21330 elapsed time: 11223 ms

results without incrementing 'tableHeight'
total_dives: 378 tableHeight: 0 elapsed time: 16 ms

as you can the rowHeight() code is ~700 times slower.

but without obtaining the size of the last added row i don't see how
we could estimate if a new row goes to a new page...any pointers would
be appreciated, of course. until then i'm tempted to abandon further
testing on the table print.

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