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I apologize for this fairly long post.  But in order for me to determine my
future involvement (how, not whether), I need some clarification regarding
goals for SubSurface.  First some background:

Twenty-five years ago, I created Dive-In, an electronic Log Book for one or
more divers.  It ran in MSDOS and tracked a LOT of information.  I still
use it today but technology has caught me.  When I looked for a
replacement, SubSurface caught my eye.  I was very intrigued and began work
to export the data from Dive-In to XML under the definitions given by
UDDF.  Obviously, I did not research thoroughly enough.

Although I was able to import my 782 dives into SubSurface, I had not
realized (my fault) that SubSurface is a Dive Logging program, not quite
the same as an electronic Diver's Log Book.  So none of my Divers
information, list of equipment, maintenance history, list of certifications
and a few other things made it into SubSurface (as it it not currently
intended to handle them).

So my basic question is whether there is any intent to expand SubSurface in
such ways in the future?  I see there is an enhancement request in place
for additional equipment information but I did not see any of those other
things.  So even if I were to potentially adding such information, I have
no idea whether anyone would care about it or to what extent.

I don't want to gum up the works with enhancement requests that would never
go anywhere and just doing the work without expecting I was doing a one off
or fork seems a waste.  Is this worth pursuing, or should I consider other
ways to help out?  BTW, I have never worked with XML, UDDF, Gtk etc
before.  I have been retired for many years and no longer have the
knowledge and tools I once did.

Dazed_75 a.k.a. Larry

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