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Tue Jul 23 01:35:01 PDT 2013

Dazed_75 wrote:
> Although I was able to import my 782 dives into SubSurface, I had not 
> realized (my fault) that SubSurface is a Dive Logging program, not 
> quite the same as an electronic Diver's Log Book.  So none of my 
> Divers information, list of equipment, maintenance history, list of 
> certifications and a few other things made it into SubSurface (as it 
> it not currently intended to handle them).
> So my basic question is whether there is any intent to expand 
> SubSurface in such ways in the future?  I see there is an enhancement 
> request in place for additional equipment information but I did not 
> see any of those other things.  So even if I were to potentially 
> adding such information, I have no idea whether anyone would care 
> about it or to what extent.

Yes, several of these things have been suggested earlier, and I guess 
some (or all?) of those might somehow end up in Subsurface in the 
future.  I suggest that you register at http://trac.hohndel.org and add 
your enhancements as individual feature requests.  (Unless the feature 
is already suggested, then you could probably add more details to the 
existing request).


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