Fixing the "unknown" event, type 16, from Suunto computers

Michael Andreen harv at
Fri Jul 26 02:04:44 PDT 2013


The event is shown in the new DM4 as "Below floor". Basically it means that 
whenever this event is active you are accumulating more deco time.

Fixing this in subsurface and libdivecomputer looks fairly easy.

In libdivecomputer SAMPLE_EVENT_UNKNOWN seems to only be used for this event, 
so I guess keeping the id but giving it a better name is the proper solution.

For subsurface the events array in libdivecomputer.c would have to be updated, 
along with dm4_events in parse_xml.c. Then the translations need to be 

Anything I've missed? Want me to submit the patches?


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