Today I added 2 tickets

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at
Sat Jul 27 01:07:27 PDT 2013


On 27 July 2013 03:34, Dazed_75 <lthielster at> wrote:
> I hope I did them right and they are acceptable.  They are #168 and #169 and
> both are enhancement requests.  I am willing to try doing the work but
> people should know that I am an XML, UDDF and GTK-UI novice.  I really have
> not written any C code to speak of for at least 15 years.

i can't comment on the two tickets (others will do that for you), but
one important thing at the moment on the UI side is that we are moving
away from GTK into using the Qt (C++) framework. so perhaps if a
visual feature is way too complicated we may want to integrate it into
the new Qt build, which is planned for ver 4.x.

the current GIT, "master" branch holds the Qt build, while there is
also a "gtk" branch.
the UI (C or C++) and "backend" (C) are separated. the "backend" can
be seen in the root dir, in files such as "dive.c", while the Qt
integration is in "qt-ui" (C++).

> That said, I have been looking at the code and don't see anything TOO hairy
> though I cannot say I have a good overall grasp yet.
> I go under the knife tomorrow but when I am back I would appreciate someone
> saying whether I should go ahead and try and how best to set up an
> environment for it.  Do you guys use anything like Eclipse-ODT or something
> else.  Since I am no longer in the corporate environment, I have just been
> using an editor and compiler.

just a text editor with GCC works fine.

> Oh yes, when I ran my department, we always had and enforced a coding
> standard.  Is there one for SubSurface?  Things look pretty consistent, but
> there seem not to be many developers.

we use a mixture between the linux kernel coding style:

which is also applied to a sane level to the C++ code base, but also
maintaining some relation to good Qt practices.


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