[PATCH] Identify below floor event type properly.

Michael Andreen harv at ruin.nu
Sat Jul 27 02:29:33 PDT 2013


On Saturday 27 July 2013 11:20:25 Miika Turkia wrote:
> However, the "below floor" event should not
> hog up the "unknown" event. The unknown is used for all the events that we
> do not have a mapping for. This includes also other dive computers than
> Suunto.

That was what I was trying to a discussion about with my first mail. Currently 
type 16 is only used for this specific event in libdivecomputer, so renaming 
it means old dives will have the right type id, making it easy to update the 
text later, and subsurface can be updated independently of libdivecomputer.

I guess it's mainly Jef's call. I sent the companion patch to the 
libdivecomputer list.


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