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André Kegel akegel at
Sun Jul 28 13:49:08 PDT 2013

Dear Sirs,

I would like to come back to a question I had asked before:

>      It seems that there is a way to store the dive log from 
>      Subsurface in XML format. Where do I activate this setting? 
>      In my case, Subsurface accesses a *.svg file. 

>      No. Subsurface by default will write an XML file (on Linux that would be 
/subsurface/.xml ) We don't use .svg files

Sorry, but my experience is that Subsurface starts with and writes to the file 
This may be the result of my starting by importing the previous dives from 
Suunto DM4 via this file (if my memory serves me right). Ever since Subsurface  
has been updating this file.
The xml file seems untouched.
So: Is there a way to correct this and to return to the xml format?

Further question:
I have tried to see a print preview and received the error message: "No 
application is registered as handling this file"
Any ideas as to source and solution of this problem?

Kind regards
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