pairing a uwatec galileo sol wit subsurface

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Tue Jul 30 17:30:26 PDT 2013

Pascal - sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it the Galileo Sol/Luna is only supported on Windows or Linux because of its reliance on IRDA.  MacOS does not provide a nice easy way to talk to things over IRDA - you basically have to write your own stack as well as a driver, which a few folks on the commercial side have done but they won't share.

Your best bet would be to run Linux inside of a virtual machine and use something like to get a UDDF file that subsurface could import.

I spent some time recently decompiling the java and native libraries used by JTrak on the mac - if you happen to have the right IRDA adapter it might be possible to have libdivecomputer load the JVM up and talk to those classes directly.  I am not particularly good at Java, but invoking Java from C or C++ is not terribly difficult, might be possible to write some glue code, but I don't know if/when I would have time to pursue it.  Too much SCUBA planned this summer and I am in the midst of building a house as well -- doesn't allow for much discretionary hacking.


On Jul 30, 2013, at 5:09 PM, Pascal van der Velden <pascal at> wrote:

> 	Dear LS,
> first of all I want to thank you for building subsurface. I think it is a splendid diving log.
> However I am not able to connect my Uwatec galileo sol on my mac. The computer is not listed. But in the documentation it is sad that the sol is supported. Could you explain me what i am doing wrong?
> Kind regards,
> Pascal van der Velden,
> NL
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