Marble weirdness

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Jun 4 22:16:14 PDT 2013

So we implement the virtual mousePressEvent() in our GlobeGPS class.

Yet we don't get single mouse clicks. They are eaten somewhere else in
the stack. What we do get is double clicks - even though this is NOT the
mouseDoubleClickEvent() handler. And then even if we call
event->accept() at the end of our mousePressEvent() function, a click
still gets delivered to our parents and the widget does strange
re-center/zooming things.

Am I just doing this wrong? Am I expecting the wrong behavior? Is this a
Fedora bug?



PS: background: Linus and I wanted to implement something cute where you
can get the dives that are shown in the widget selected - or select all
the dives at a specific dive spot. Simply by clicking on the map :-) 

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