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On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 2:53 PM, "Dr. Thorsten Lück"
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> This indeed was a good hint - I could have TravelTrak (which is indeed
> aquadivelog) let my database convert to uddf. After some smaller
> corrections with some special characters the resulting xml-files is
> error-free when checking with xmllint and could also be imported in
> SmartTrak.
> However, when importing it to subsurface, the list of dives remains
> empty. No error messages occur on stdout/stderr (this was different when
> the xml-files was buggy due to some special characters).
> Is there a way to generate a log-file or increase the verbosity?

Start subsurface with "./subsurface -vvv mydives.uddf" to increase
verbosity. Also, feel free to post (parts of) your log to me or the list,
and we/I can take a look.

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